Case Study 3

How Gremio Capital has assisted local SMEs (General Wholesale Trade)

Gremio Capital recently helped a wholesaler of local products in the food industry to acquire quick funding for their expansion needs.  Below is their story and Mr Heng’s predicament before he met Gremio Capital:
“Business was doing well, and though our company had been incorporated for less than 2 years, we had established strong ties with our customers and suppliers.  They trusted us to deliver well and on time.  Soon we had to hire more staff and increase our inventory to meet the increased demand,” says Mr Heng, founder, Wholesale Trader Pte Ltd.
“While we were generating good sales, there were some customers who took longer than normal to pay.  I knew that we would require short term funding to purchase inventory and meet the increased demand. I first approached the banks for financing. Unfortunately, banks have a long list of administrative requirements and a long processing time.
We also considered injecting our own shareholder funds, or inter company loans. However, this proved tedious and unfeasible due to our corporate structure. 
At a business lunch meeting with a SME owner, I found out about Gremio Capital.   
When I met Gremio, they were able to assess my business needs, and advise on how Gremio’s business loan could help our current operations and future expansion with a healthy cash flow system.   
Additionally, they would be able to give us a business loan with a short turnaround of 5 working days, and lump sum funds disbursement without upfront deductions, processing or administrative fees.
It has been 6 months now since I got my funds from Gremio Capital.  It was indeed timely because on the week that we received our funds, our biggest client placed a large order with us.  Because of the quick funding from Gremio Capital, we managed to fulfill our delivery commitments.  Business has expanded again, and I must thank Gremio Capital for stepping in to help us.”

Gremio Capital’s team helped Mr Heng and his company to attain immediate funds to restock their inventory and fulfill their client demands. The above is a real case study showcasing real results from our client. Names and identifying details have been changed for privacy.

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